"Menopause Symptoms"

 Is The Menopause Painful?

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Menopause is a normal phase of aging. Perimenopause, the early stage of menopause, begins to affect a woman's fertility.


Hormones that change and decrease cause perimenopause and menopause.

organs are impacted as hormonal levels drop.

Reproductive system
Vaginal tract
Urinary system
Nervous system
Heart, brain, bones and skin

menopausal symptoms

Hormones change during menopause and perimenopause and this can result in painful feelings and these can be symptoms of menopause.

Breast Tenderness and Cramps

You may feel sore in your breasts before and during your period

Head Pain from Migraines

During perimenopause, you may have migraines for the first time or with an increase in frequency or severity.

Aching Joints

Joint discomfort caused by menopause can affect the hands, elbows, shoulders, neck and knees.


Changes and decline in hormones also have an effect on the skin. Due to falling estrogen levels, the softness of the skin may decrease.

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When going through menopause, pain can sometimes occur with intercourse. Because of this, maintaining intimacy can be challenging.

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