"Menopaus pregnancy"

Can a Woman Get Pregnant after Menopause ?

What is 

Menopause is a normal phase of aging. Perimenopause, the early stage of menopause, begins to affect a woman's ability to procreate.

Perimenopause and Pregnancy

Age causes a decline in fertility. When you reach your mid-30s your ovarian reserve, or the amount and capacity of your remaining eggs, begins to decline.

Post menopause

Post-menopause is the period after a woman's menstrual cycles have permanently ceased. The average age at which someone experiences menopause and the postmenopausal phase begins is 51.

side effects of postmenopause

* Irregular vaginal bleeding
* Bone loss
* Osteoporosis 
* Excessive blood pressure
* Elevated cholesterol
* Eigher chance of developing
* Heart disease
* Higher risk of stroke

After or During Menopause Pregnancy

Women do not become pregnant after going through menopause. But, with fertility techniques like IVF, it may be possible to conceive in the postmenopausal phase.

Pregnancy Risks After Menopause

* Miscarriage
* Birth Prematurely
* Cesarean Delivery (C-section)
* Pre-eclampsia (high blood
  pressure during pregnancy)
* Chromosomally Defective like    Down Syndrome

"In 2020 case report showed that an Iranian woman who had gone through menopause gave birth at age 47."

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