5 tips to improve your

Child’s Mental Health

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An expert offers five tips that, if implemented early, can help parents improve their child's mental health. These tips are most effective when parents implement them at a young age.

your kids

Spend time with 

Spend quality time with kids as it is the best way to bond with them. It's more important to spend time with them, so that they feel safe and loved

Pay attention to what your

kids are saying

Parents often ignore the words of their children. However, they should avoid this as children often vent their feelings to their parents.

Praise your child 


Even while all parents criticize and punish their kids when they misbehave, it's equally crucial to praise them when they show virtues.

Set reasonable


Instead comparing children to their friends and siblings, good parenting includes boosting self-esteem. Never compare kids. Making them feel less valuable in the process.

Stress and Anxiety

Promote coping mechanisms for 

We can teach the stress-reduction techniques to our children. Teaching them to accept stress as a normal part of life is crucial.

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